Guide to Hiring Seasonal and Temporary workers in 2023

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

New Job Today is a highly successful job board for hiring seasonal workers. Estimates suggest that recruiters may have 200,000 temporary jobs across many sectors such as tourism, agriculture, entertainment and retail. 

Here's the New Job Today guide to successful recruiting of Seasonal and Temporary Summer workers:

• Create an account on New Job Today 

• Choose our seasonal worker package

• Write a job description 

- Make sure the job description outlines the job title, responsibilities, qualifications required.
- Specify any experience desired or required.
- Clearly outline the duration of the position, salary and any other important details such as bonuses/tips.

• Use relevant keywords - Use relevant keywords in the job descriptioon to optimise  the posting of the the job for search engines and to arttract the attention of potential candidates. Consider using words like "Seasonal", "Summer" and "Temporary" in your job title and description.

• Post your job - set a deadline for applications.

• Share Socially - New Job Today will boost your post through digital advertising and  social media sharing .  Put the link to your job on New Job Today on social media sites, your own websites and share on social media.

• Screen and interview candidates - if the interviewee cannot physically make the interview, maybe consider setting up first interviews using an online platform such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet. Make sure you check on eligibility to work in the UK as part of the screening process.

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