Using AI tools and New Job Today to help you get your next new job

Monday, July 10, 2023
There's been lots of discussion about how AI tools will impact things in the future.  Did you know you can already use tools like Chat GPT and Google Bard to help you use job boards like New Job Today to help you in your job search?
The AI services can't directly interact with New Job Today but it can provide guidance and support throughout the job application process.
Here's a few ways these services can help:
CV review: You can share your CV with the AI service you have got an account with.  It can provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. It can help you optimise your content, structure, and formatting to make it more appealing to potential employers.
Cover letter assistance: By using New Job Today, you should have a specific covering letter for each application.  The AI services can provide guidance on crafting a compelling introduction, highlighting your relevant skills and experiences and expressing your motivation for the position.
Job search tips:  These AI services can offer advice on effective job search strategies, including how to use keywords, filters, and advanced search options on job boards.   They can help you narrow down your search criteria and provide suggestions for finding suitable positions.
Interview preparation: Once you secure an interview,  the AI services can assist you in preparing for it,  can suggest common interview questions you might be asked, tips on structuring your responses, and advice on showcasing your qualifications and experiences effectively.
Career guidance: If you're unsure about which jobs to apply for or need assistance with exploring different career paths,  these services can provide general advice and insights based on training and wider pool data. 
These AI services are still in an experimental stage and it is important that you ensure that you are happy with any results produced by these services.  Additionally, note that some services do not contain information or perspective from after September 2021 and others maybe using the services in a similar way.. 
Good luck in using these tools to help you get your next job.